Arçelik – Senior Support & Software Specialist (Content&Experience)

Our client Arçelik is looking for a Senior Support and Software Specialist (Content & Experience) who will be responsible globally for over 70 international and multiple websites of Arçelik’s brands.


  • Communication with digital marketing stakeholders of countries,
  • Analyse and diagnose problems of website management processes,
  • Coordinate  business stakeholders’ requirements,
  • Coordinate operational, maintenance and development teams at B2C projects to get perfect outputs,
  • Perform functional tests to confirm solution design before delivering outputs to business units,
  • Ensure appropriate use of IT project management tools, governance, processes, policies and methodologies,
  • Diagnose complex cases and find optimum solution suggestions for both development and business teams.


  • Minimum 5 years of experience in website design & user experience & implementation & maintenance process,
  • Experience in web technologies (CMS, SEO, CDN, ISS, UX)
  • General knowledge of software development processes,
  • Experience in FrontEnd Scripting details (CSS, JavaScript, GTM etc),
  • Knowledge of CDN layer role at website management,
  • Knowledge of testing concepts , regression before and after go-live,
  • Knowledge and having perspective of website performance approach,
  • Think broadly and understand the needs of the market and customers, 
  • Perfect operational excellence approach and continuous improvement perspective,
  • Excellent verbal and written skills in English.

Good to have

  • Knowledge of Adobe Experience Manager DevOps & infrastructure and general CMS concepts,
  • Experience in IT project management,
  • Experience in eCommerce processes,
  • General knowledge of DevOps processes,
  • Knowledge about SEO basics,
  • Familiarity with website security rules and knowledge about OWASP Top 10.

The position is located in Sütlüce/İstanbul.