As it is known, the brand is one of the most valuable assets of a company. It shows the difference of the company’s products and services from its competitors.

Companies identify their products or services by brand names along with various marketing activities. Thus, customers expect the same quality of service or product to be offered wherever they buy the brand.

The Employer Brand, on the other hand, is a concept that allows a company to differ as an employer.

While the customer under employer brand management changes as “existing or potential employees”, the purpose of “attracting new customers to the job while protecting existing customers” does not change.

In addition, as in the consumer brand, the emotional and rational benefits offered by the employer to the customer (current / potential employees) come to the fore in the employer brand.

In short, the employer brand can be considered as a “functional, economic and psychological benefit package offered by the employer”.

In other words, employer brand management can also be defined as “communication activities of a company within and outside the company to create an attractive perception as an employer”.