One of the main factors of an organisation is the competency level of various team members. Each manager has a team that combines their knowledge and skills to produce the work needed to achieve the set goals and objectives.

It is important to note that competencies are different from goals. Goals are related to ‘what’ is fulfilled; competencies are related to ‘how’ achieved.

It is relatively easy to decide what competencies the employee should develop and is usually part of the annual evaluation process. However, keeping track of how each person’s progress is completely different and requires developing a development plan.


The most effective method of doing this is behaviors that define a certain competency.

You can use the role or job description to make the necessary definitions, but you measure them in an objective and evidence-based manner. We can divide behaviours that can measure competency in a concrete way into more easily measurable components such as knowledge, skill and attitude (KSA).

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