We provide you ready-to-use assessment center exercises that can be easily adapted your organisation’s competency model. Our solutions enable you to put the exercises directly into practice.



    Competency Based Interview includes questions designed to measure pre-determined competencies that your organisation expects from your employees. These questions often provide examples of the candidates’ past situations and what they did in these kind of situations, allowing you to determine the level of competencies you look for.

    These interviews are more systematic than traditional interviews and each question targets a specific level of competencies. They also provide valuable information about the candidate’s preferred way of working and help predict behavior in future situations.



    Team exercises help measuring competencies such as working in a team, contributing, choosing a representative and solving problems in a fair way.

    In the exercise, a scenario or a business problem is being presented to the participants, creating a simulation environment close to a real meeting. Thus, evaluators are given the opportunity to observe the expected competencies in a real working environment.



    Role Play is an assessment center exercise where a participant plays an imaginary scenario that closely reflects a situation that may occur in a work environment.

    The participant is informed about the goals of the scenario and exercise and given a certain time for preparation. At the end of the preparation period, a dialogue is made with the evaluator according to the scenario.

    The role play exercise tests how the participant reacts in a work environment, for example, when dealing with a conflict. The main goal is to see which competencies are displayed and how participant’s behavior matches the position.



    In-tray is an exercise that allows you to measure how the participant copes with problems such as calendar management, prioritisation, stress management in situations such as extraordinary demands, excessive workload, multiple requests.

    The participant is usually given a basic scenario with problems, such as managing expectations such as new flows of information, answering e-mails, meeting requests and answering questions.



    This type of exercise is used to assess presentation skills and analysis competencies. The candidate is given a subject containing data sets and a certain period of time to prepare, and at the end of the preparation period, (s)he is asked to make a presentation on what is expected.

    At the end of the presentation, a Q&A session about competencies that are not fully measured can also be held.