Companies create value as much as their employees, and employees create this value. Recruitment, which is perhaps one of the most important functions of Human Resources, has become a completely different sector.

Transferring your recruitment operations to us makes it possible to find the most suitable employees for your organisation by spending less time and creating less cost. So how do we get started?


    Together we determine the scope of the work:

    The first stage is the essential step in the entire recruitment process. This step enables us to understand your dynamics, vision and mission, and organisational culture and give detailed information about the scope of the role.


    We define the profile you need to find:

    Our aim at this stage is to provide you with professional support in identifying important elements such as the importance of the role and potential target profiles. If requested, we can customise the recruitment tools and processes in line with your expectations.


    Our Ethics:

    We respect the ethical rules in the areas we serve. We comply with all industry provisions regarding data security and fair recruitment practices of your organisation and contacted candidates. At all stages of the services we provide, we determine the candidates that best suit your organisation and expectations and guarantee that it will take a professional approach that works for your reputation.

  • Finding the candidates


    We communicate with targeted profiles through our extensive professional network, and we scan candidates through the national career portals and Linkedin.

  • Short-listing


    Preliminary interview: The first candidate interviews aim to measure the compliance of the candidate’s critical competencies with your position expectations and organisation dynamics. Accordingly, we can conduct competency-based interviews at the level of the position (if any) in line with the previously defined competencies of your organisation.

  • Meeting the candidates


    We organise the meeting of the candidates with you as soon as possible after the preliminary evaluations. After each session, we stay in touch with you and the candidates regarding the next steps.

  • Reference check


    We carry out the candidates’ professional reference (and social media checks if requested) in the final stage, following the candidate’s consent and knowledge. After the reviews, we inform you verbally or in writing.

  • Agreement and pre-onboarding


    We make written job offers to candidates whose recruitment decisions are made and we provide the necessary communication until the contract signing process, if an agreement is reached.


    Engineering (R&D / Manufacturing)


    Technology (IT, network, software development, system administration)


    Sales & Marketing & Business Development


    Human Resources